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Airest organised a traditional welcome as our highly experienced captain Vladimir Loktajev headed into retirement


We are sad yet proud to announce that our dear Flight Operations & Flight Training Manager Vladimir Loktajev headed into retirement as he arrived to Tallinn 31.03.2016 for the final flight. Retirement was due to his age as Mr. Loktajev turned 65. The mandatory retirement of pilots at age 65 is a political issue rather than one of safety or medicine.
Before 2007 the retirement age was 60 but the rule was changed yielding to the majority of pilots and aerospace physicians who believed that an arbitrary number was chosen without substantial evidence correlating age to safety. 
Airest organised a traditional welcome at the Tallinn airport where Mr. Loktajev drove the aircraft trough two streams of water coming from the airport firetrucks. Greeted by our team it was an emotional and memorable moment for all of us.
It’s not a farewell. Highly experienced Mr Loktajev will continue working in Airest as a Crew Training manager.

Welcome to Airest

Our air-cargo service is a solution to our customers logistic needs.

Airest is dedicated to provide services in the area of time-critical freight.

Our customers have recognized that flying more direct routes, with less hubs, gives them time and cost benefit.

We fly the legendary Saab 340A which is best aircraft for our scope of work.

Designed for high revenue and profitability in short-/medium haul operations.

Loaded with reliable twin-engine turboprops that can deliver up to 3860 kg of cargo and fly as far as 2900 km.

We are proud members of the European aviation community.

Our partners are well known logistic companies and industries of high demands on logistic.

We also value highly our co-operation with local authorities and aircraft maintenance organizations.

We are proud of our team in Airest.

We do appreciate our team of captains, pilots, technicians and managers.

With this focused and qualified team we are able to obtain the leadership in our domain of air-cargo.

Feel free to contact us! Our office is located in Tallinn, near airport.